Prognoz Platform 8

The Prognoz Platform
is a cutting-edge BI platform
for building information systems.
It can also be used as a standalone product.


Eight reasons to use Prognoz Platform 8

Big picture at a glance

Leverage a complete set
of analysis tools
for efficient management


Rapidly build a dashboard
and visualize data
in an easily interpretable way

Impactful visualizations

Deliver the results of analysis
in a most compelling way
using charts, graphs, and maps

Top-down approach

Drill down
into any performance indicator
and gain insight into your business

New data,
new insights

Load the necessary data
to look at a particular
process or phenomenon
from a different angle

"What will happen if ...?" or
"What is needed for ...?"

Use prediction models
built by you
to look into the future
and make the right decision

Anytime Access

View and analyze data from anywhere
using any Web browser on your desktop
or tablet,or using our special
application for iPad

Absolute security

Be sure
that all your data,
including state secretes,
are secure


Self-service BI

Access enterprise data from anywhere and in any situation: via Web or iPad, and in any format

Add new data sources or dimensions without IT support to gain deeper insight


Drill down into any data at the desired level, from the overall performance of a business down to the performance of an individual employee

Effective visual delivery

Instant search and visualization
as maps, charts, and graphs

Bar chart

Area chart

Bubble chart


Tree map

"What will happen if ...?" and "What is needed for...?"

Scenario-based modeling and forecasting of your company’s performance

For IT

A complete set of analytics
and visual discovery tools

A full range of tools for creating dashboards, ad hoc queries (OLAP), regular reports, advanced analytics, and integration of DWH, MDM, and ETL data in a single solution

A common approach to metadata management: objects are created one time only for all tools and stored in a single repository

Seamless integration into the
existing IT infrastructure

Accessibility of components
for the use of third-party applications,
GIS tools,
and corporate portals

Support of popular
data sources such as
Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Teradata, and others

Open architecture and native SDK
and customization tools

Best value for money

Flexible licensing options and freedom to choose tools that fit your specific needs

Optimal total cost of ownership at a wider range of functionality

Сomprehensive technical support for platform operation issues

Prognoz Platform 8 architecture

Interactive Visual Exploration, Pixel-Perfect Reporting,
Data Preparation and Advanced Analytics Components



Time Series Analysis

Analytical Queries (OLAP)

Modeling and Forecasting

Time Series Analysis
Analytical Queries (OLAP)
Modeling and Forecasting

Development Tools, External Products/Software Support
and Data Integration Components

Data Warehouse
Master Data Management
Extract, Transform, Load
Application Development Kit
Interactive Visualization

BI Administration, Metadata Management Components and Deployment Capabilities

Security Management
and Administration
Metadata Management

Metadata Repository based on: MS SQL,
Oracle, DB2, Teradata, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Internal file
format support

BI Server, Web Services
and Cloud
Self-Service BI
Interactive visualization
Improved performance
BI search

Data import, including data with a complex structure, directly from user tools

A simplified process of dashboard creation due to the automatic layout of dashboard elements and the automatic configuration of links

Google-like search based on multiple criteria (BI search)

Quick interaction during analysis through collaboration and discussion tools built into the dashboards

Access to platform objects directly in Microsoft Office tools

Flexible dimension management

The ability to save a report to file without storing it on the server for later use in email of your mobile device

Rich geospatial analytics and mapping, implementation of new types of visualizers, and the ability to add visualizers supported by the mobile application

Implementation of custom visualizers as plugins in dashboards

Higher quality of images in spreadsheets and regular reports due to conversion to RTF format

A variety of chart and map style templates to provide a consistent look and feel for all reports and reduce the amount of time it takes to create them

Custom chart templates to display infographic elements, such as houses, coin piles, and so on, for the creation of more engaging reports

The use of a multi-purpose Equation Editor to write equations and expressions in all tools

Performance of tasks by different criteria

Registration of application components in dashboards without embedding and modifying source codes

Enhanced ETL capabilities

The ability to drill down to the relational level

Use of R methods

Seamless transition from BI tools to Advanced Analytics

The ability to solve optimization problems in both the desktop and Web application

Enhanced support of external multidimensional data sources such as Microsoft SQL Analysis Services and SAP BW, and support of Hadoop and PostgreSQL data sources

Windows 8 compatibility certificate

Enhanced support of Unix-like operating systems

Customized mobile application for iOS 7, with iOS 8 support

Support of Microsoft SQL Server 2014, SQLite 3.8, and Teradata 14 DBMS

DBMS access without front-end installation using the HTTP driver

R integration

Significant speedup of data handling and component operations

Faster model calculations and model testing due to optimized performance in the modeling module

Streamlined handling of large dimensions

Full-text search by keyword through multidimensional data sources using a Google-like search interface, where you do not need to know the sources of the data or their search attributes

Advanced search configuration to filter and sort search results and specify formulas to manage search relevance

Automatic search indexing according to a schedule or upon the occurrence of a specified event, with the ability to update the index in more manageable parts, such as re-indexing only those data that have changed

A BI search configuration interface that enables the user to make settings directly in the platform without scripting

Query expansion to find all the various morphological forms of words by stemming each word in the search query

Please choose version to download

Demo Version

  • Free
  • Desktop
  • Data import from txt, csv, xlsx, mdb, xml, and other files
  • Support of external DBMS
  • Available for 30 days after installation

Personal Edition

  • Free
  • Desktop
  • Data import from txt, csv, xlsx, mdb, xml, and other files
  • Support of local SQLite database
  • Available for an unlimited period of time